Active Instant Dry Yeast, Yeast for Pizza Base Pantry, Baking Bread and Cake, Khamir Powder.

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  • Can be used for baking, proofing and also for some south Indian preparations
  • How to use add 2 tea spoons of yeast to warm (not hot) water along with 2 tea spoons of sugar and stir well, set aside for 10 minutes use once the yeast is foamy and activated
  • Packaged in sealed Zipper Pouch, great for easy product, use or cupboard storage

Active dry yeast is the most important ingredient in baking bread. Its fermentation helps to rise dough that ultimately contributes to flaky and spongy breads. The fine granules of Greenfinity active dry yeast activates instantly. You can bake bread, rolls, a few types of cake and some south Indian preparation with this yeast. Don’t forget to activate or proof your dry yeast, and once activated, use it for baking the delicious out of it.

This yeast is a very important ingredient while baking. It plays an essential role as a catalyst in the fermentation process, which helps the dough in rising properly.

Apart from bringing an excellent baking ingredient, dry yeast also possesses some nutritional content such as sodium, potassium, protein, iron, and carbohydrates.

Dry yeast can be used in making almost any baking item that needs to be raised properly. Its addition acquires a leavening agent that ultimately bakes the most fluffy, soft, and tasty products.


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