Lebanon Pine Nuts | Chilgoza | (Vacuum Pack | Premium Quality)

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  • Pine nuts are rich in Vitamins A and lutein, both of which are known to support sharper vision.
  • Pine nuts build stronger bones, thanks to their Vitamin D content.
  • Pine nuts contain pinoleic acid, which makes you feel fuller faster, and thus aids in weight loss.
  • They contain heart-friendly monounsaturated fat.

Pine nuts possess synergetic compounds that help to enhance heart health. It also contains magnesium, monosaturated fat, Vitamin K, E, and manganese that support your heart to remain healthy.

These are the great source of various essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, K, C, B, E, and D. Minerals such as iron, manganese, along with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties

Pine Nuts, a family member of Pinaceae, is native to the Mediterranean region. It acquires crunchy yet buttery texture. These delicious nuts are extremely rich in various nutrients, essential minerals, and vitamins.

Intake of Pine nuts keeps your stomach for longer, thus, lessens your food craving thereby, helping you manage your weight.



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